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Interview with Viktor Tinev

In recent weeks, every Friday we’ve been showing you the individual pieces of the puzzle called TouchTeam. This Friday, we’ll introduce you to the one who puts the puzzle together. The founder and manager of the company – Victor Tinev.
He is the person who daily inspires with new ideas and positively charges our team. The energy that hovers in the office carries his strong emotionality, fresh sense of humor, attention to detail and unobtrusive perfectionism.

Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Viktor Tinev and I manage TouchPoint – a successful IT company with a positive spirit and continuous development. I keep my word and exact relationships. I consider myself an open and straightforward person.

When I was little I wanted to become…

I do not remember. I may have changed my wishes often. When I became more aware, but still a child, I was greatly influenced by the personal example of my father, who successfully developed in the private sector and ran his own business. I started as an ordinary employee, from the lowest rung in the corporate world, but the dream of my own business initiative and the accumulated experience led me to where I am now.

And now I’m…

Owner and manager of TouchPoint, co-owner in several other companies with different fields of activity. Some of them are quite far from information technologies. I try to implement good ideas into a successful and profitable business. And I won’t stop there.

The path to creating a successful IT business is bound up with a lot of work, consistency and obstacles. What was the biggest challenge in creating TouchPoint?

Definitely getting started and getting the first customers was the hardest. Back when I had knowledge, skills and strong motivation, but we didn’t have a portfolio as a company. Suddenly, I was out of the shiny corporate world, where a business card with the logo of a famous and large company opens doors. I had to fight for every client with only my name, earn trust and protect it every day. Of course, I also made many mistakes along the way, but mistakes are there to teach us. They are useful.

What is your secret to winning a new customer?And how does a customer stay with the company for years? Have some of Touchpoint’s customers been working with you for more than 10 years?

I am proud that TouchPoint’s first customer is still our customer today. It is wonderful to develop and grow together with your clients, to closely observe their successes, to lend a hand in difficult times. Every customer won is a battle won. I believe that the personal touch, quick response and striving for perfection is what sets us apart from the competition.

How do you create and motivate a good team?

First of all, the right selection is important. The correct, human attitude towards everyone, the positive working environment… I try to give wings to the employees to achieve more, every day, to develop with each new project. I motivate them to be proactive. Even if they are wrong, I believe it is better that they tried.

For a partnership to be successful, it is necessary to ….. ?

The right partner and … time! To have a partnership, we must have a common goal. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the partner and directing them in the direction of achieving the common goal makes the partnership successful. Compromises, of course, must also be made. If all this holds up over time – then we have achieved the almost impossible.

In what unit of measure do you measure success?

I measure business success by relating customer satisfaction to company profit. If the balance of satisfaction for each side is not met, then we are not successful. Cash flow is important, but sustainability is achieved with a good name and time-proven integrity.

Personal success is easy to measure – a happy and healthy family, loyal friends, some free time and some measure of financial stability.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My passion is tennis. I am also passionate about sailing. The balance between personal and professional life combined with enough time for sports is very important to me. However, at the top of the priority ladder is my family. The best free time is always with my wife and children.

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