Cyber security

TouchPoint protects your computer systems and networks, including the information stored on them, from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, damage, alteration, review, recording or destruction.

At TouchPoint, we use various security mechanisms at the network level, host level, application level or data level.

Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of protecting computer systems and networks.

A lack of cyber protection can lead to serious negative consequences, not only in financial terms. The interests of companies, their customers, the individuals working for them depend on the level of protection of IT systems more than ever.

Nowadays, when everyone is talking about personal data protection or the lack of it, a good level of information and cyber security is more than necessary. Despite the legislator’s attempts to pass legislation on cyber security in Bulgaria, there is still no real and working policy in this regard.

Good IT professionals, however, work for companies like TouchPoint and help their clients to improve the level of IT security and protection on a daily basis, conduct resistance tests against hacker attacks and provide staff training for better protection.

Protection of confidential information and personal data

Contact us in case you need a cybersecurity consultation, in case you want to test your system for vulnerabilities to hacker attacks, or if you want to check how reliable your corporate website is.

Cyber security is based on the effective construction and maintenance of proactive and preventive measures. In cases where IT systems are not designed and implemented in accordance with security requirements, adding security patches or firewalls are only partial and temporary measures. If you need to build a new IT infrastructure, you can turn to us to design or build a reliable, operational IT system with a maximum level of cyber security.


Network and Information Cybersecurity

As far as the creation of a sustainable network and information security is one of the main pillars of cyber security, the main goal and activity of TouchPoint’s precisely the provision of a reliable IT system for its customers, regardless of their legal status – companies, government institutions and others.

We advise our clients, especially those in the public sector or those processing a large volume of personal data, to promptly update their IT infrastructure, modernize processes, technologies and systems, making them adequate to modern cybersecurity requirements.

The creation of a secure and safe cyber space in Bulgaria is a matter of moral responsibility of IT companies in the country and TouchPoint declares its categorical position, commitment and responsible attitude towards this problem.

IT audit

To track how resilient your IT systems are to attacks or human error, we'll perform an IT audit of your networks and systems. We check the settings and security measures; to what extent and how the various measures are applicable to your activity and way of working.


At TouchPoint, we use the latest technologies and security measures to prevent cyber-attacks. We strive for the highest level of protection, regardless of company vulnerabilities. We develop policies and protection mechanisms, share know-how and continue to learn.


Cyber security is a complex of solutions, so at TouchPoint we prepare a package of defense mechanisms that will successfully protect your IT infrastructure and data from cyber-attacks. A comprehensive strategy to implement across the organization and leverage best practices for crisis prevention and recovery.

our services

To increase the level of cyber security, we offer:

  • checking for malicious code and/or software;
  • performing Penetration test/penetration tests;
  • we have the necessary knowledge and competences, we understand the challenges posed by the GDPR;
  • a full audit of your IT system.
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