TouchPoint offers more than just web design and site development. We know that your online presence is essential, and that's why we offer web-based solutions for your business that are visible and easily accessible.

Website development with an up-to-date look

TouchPoint develops dynamic and functional websites – image, presentation websites, web portals, blogs, electronic stores, electronic catalogs.

We offer flexible solutions and different methods for creating a website according to the needs and budget of each client. We think that every website in 2022 must first and foremost fulfill the client’s business objectives.

For us, a well-made website is a balanced combination of vision, functionality and navigation which emphasizes the corporate identity and helps promote the company on the web, as well as better SEO ranking in search engines.


Precise website design - stylish, modern and functional

We offer complex web services based on our many years of experience in the IT field in creating websites. That’s why we prepare a personalized offer with a price for the development of a site for each client, which optimally meets the needs and goals of his business. Take a look below at some of the services we offer:


Building an online store that will generate more orders online and increase ROI. We will integrate your e-store with a warehouse system, POS terminal, etc. to make it work in the most convenient way possible for your customers. We create an online store at prices according to the budget and individual goals of each client.


Whether it's time to replace an outdated company website or you want to start a new business with a corporate website that represents your brand identity - we're here for you! We apply the best IT practices in the creation of a business website, taking into account the latest trends in the market.


Creating a web site design that will present your company online in the best light. We prepare a personalized vision corresponding to the corporate identity of the business. Ask us for a website web design quote with a price.

Why trust us with the creation of your website

With us, you get not just a website, but complete care for your business presence in the online space. Your new company website or online store will look flawless as we take care of its indexation in the search engines. We will also offer quality support and protection from Internet viruses and possible crashes.


Responsive website design allows flexible adaptation of web pages to the resolution of your mobile device. Nowadays, it is a must that your site has a mobile version. All the sites that TouchPoint makes are responsive designs.


A working website is one that is maintained, secure, reliable, and the information on it is up-to-date. The website maintenance we offer is either subscription or ad hoc depending on your need to regularly update or introduce new content, photos and graphics to the site.


Website security is the set of measures we will take to protect your website from hacking and crashes. It is an ongoing process, a set of steps and sequential actions that we implement for prevention and sustainability.

Individual approach to each site creation project

Our goal is to create reliable, beautiful, functional and optimized websites. We are happy when we build websites that bring profit to our clients.

A website should be fast, easy to navigate, functional, marketable and most of all discoverable.

If your business needs a customized integration, we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Whether you are looking to build a new website or need a redesign of an old one, whether you need a small website just to showcase your business or an online store for over 100,000 products, we will provide an ideal and affordable solution.

We can create content, select photos to save your valuable time in creating the site. Focus on your business, and we will present it online in the most appropriate way.

Your website development project is unique and important to us!

In order for us to offer the most suitable website development solution and send you an accurate quote with prices, please complete our questionnaire.

    Our latest web projects

    We give the necessary attention, quality and personal attitude to every project for creating a company website or online store. It is important to us that our customers know that they will receive the best service at the best value for money.


    The price for creating a new site is determined depending on the client’s assignment. When determining the final price, we take into account how many pages it will contain, what types of pages those will be, whether it will be integrated with another platform such as a warehouse system, etc. What we can guarantee you is that we will offer the best possible ratio between price and quality. Contact us to receive an offer!

    There may be additional costs associated with several things when working with us. If you choose to purchase a domain and hosting for you, we will apply an additional fee to pay for them. If you do not have copyrighted photos to put on the website, we will offer suitable stock images, which are also available for an additional fee. It is important to know that when charging additional fees, we always work transparently – we discuss everything in advance and, after the customer has agreed, we buy the relevant hosting or stock image.

    The building period depends entirely on the kind of website you want us to build. If it is a website with up to 10-20 pages, the build time will be significantly shorter compared to making a website that contains several hundred pages. In general, a corporate site is faster to build than online stores, which can contain a large number of product and category pages.

    We certainly can and have already done so for a number of clients. When redesigning, we do a preliminary analysis of the website and an assessment of its functionalities. We offer the customer both a proposal for a more beautiful web design for the eye, as well as updating the navigation with the aim of a noticeably better user experience when working with the site.

    To function properly, a website also needs monthly maintenance. Whether to update a platform or functionality, or in case of an accidental “break” of a page, we will be there for you if you decide to trust us with the care of your website!

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