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We offer seamless integration of your website with the necessary applications or software for the proper functioning of your business.

Custom integration for website

TouchPoint develops customized website integrations according to the needs of the business, its sales or marketing objectives. Integration allows the connection of a website with another software, application or system, thereby enabling the exchange of information and the updating of data. Each integration is different and in most cases requires the view of a qualified programmer with a customized approach to the specifics of the case. In the person of TouchPoint, you will have a trusted partner who will make a real assessment of the most suitable integration to take advantage of.

For a website to be functional, especially when it comes to an online store, a number of integrations with external applications and software are required. They assist in the correct execution of the entire process when purchasing a product – from the order, through the calculation of the final price with delivery, payment and processing, to the final receipt of the desired item. .


We will design an integration that will allow you to better manage your business workflows. We will offer you a custom solution that will facilitate not only your work and that of your employees, but also the customers who interact with your website.


We offer support for the implemented integration, which can by subscription or incidental depending on the customer's desire. With us, you will get security and reliable restoration of functionalities.


Protect your website and integrations with our comprehensive service of measures we will take in case of hacker attacks or crashes. Security is a consistent process of steps and rules that we implement for website prevention and sustainability.


According to the needs of your business, we will prepare an integration of:

  • virtual POS terminal for payment;
  • warehouse software for updating stock;
  • courier delivery applications such as Econt, Speedy, etc.;
  • another type of data transfer.
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