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Not every house is a home, but every house can be a smart house.

You turn your house into a HOME, we will make it SMART.


Thinking of starting a new home or going through a complete renovation of your current home?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to lay the foundations not only of your dream house, but also of Your Smart Home.


TouchPoint offers affordable solutions for implementing a smart home control system for electronic devices, electrical appliances and lighting. We now have the ability to control and manage via smartphone or tablet:

  • the lighting in the home (central on, off, dimming, changing colors for different scenes, including in the pool, sauna and bathroom);
  • blinds, doors, skylights (central locking and security of the site);
  • ventilation, heating, cooling;
  • video and music presence;
  • security system;
  • video surveillance;
  • garage doors, barriers, etc.
  • Nowadays, it is unthinkable to build a building without a future-oriented automation and control system. Innovative technologies allow networking, remote control and programming of all functions in the home. By building Home Automation with logical functions, the house becomes a Smart Home.
    One of the biggest advantages of building a smart home control system is the ability to set certain scenarios: Good morning scenario (wake up alarm, raise blinds, turn on heating/cooling etc.), Empty House Scenario (turn off lights, heating, electrical appliances, activate alarm), Evening Scenario, Good Night Scenario, Simulate Presence Scenario (in case of long absence from home, in order to protect against theft).
  • Home automation is a collection of a certain class of devices and sensors that can be controlled by the user through a mobile application: for example, smart or dimmable light bulbs , a smart thermostat for temperature control or even a smart coffee machine. These devices are usually controlled by an app from the respective manufacturer, only their specific devices are controlled, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with other products. You can even use voice commands through Google Home or Amazon Alexa to perform basic tasks, but it lacks a common control platform.

The smart home is a platform that allows the launch of automated actions that are predefined and set by the user for certain events. The idea behind this is that certain things that you do continuously –  routinely – can be automated, parameters and events can be monitored and thus achieve complete control over all technological eco-systems in the home.

Some users may use 10 different apps to control 20 different devices in their home. This is a convenient, easy and affordable solution for basic and less complex systems, but when it comes to complex solutions, it is not the most suitable strategy. In this case, a centralized platform is needed to take care of general management of all processes, to monitor their status, and on the other hand to provide a unified control interface. One application to include all appliances, systems and sub-systems.

By opening one app, you have your entire home right there: lighting, heating, air conditioning, all blinds and portal doors, your security, CCTV cameras, all TVs, music and sound >and many others. In a single app!

This approach allows different devices and ecosystems communicate with each other, to use each other’s information to better respond to the most complex interaction scenarios, far more adequately than any individual set of devices could on its own. .

Such as Control4 and KNX  – world-wide, proven standards for building complex, complex systems for Intelligent home – an integrated complex system of technological elements that pursue three main goals:

  • improving the quality of life;
  • increase safety and security;
  • efficient use of energy.

All functions can be controlled using a single interface with simple and intuitive gestures.

With intelligent interaction between the individual systems, they adapt to your needs and make your everyday life easier. The smart home can be controlled and customized remotely, through a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.


The design process of Smart Home and Home Automation systems is the basis for building an integrated platform for managing the processes and systems in the modern home. Our goal is to offer you a complete project - from the initial idea to the last technical detail.


An integral part of the Smart Home project implementation process is professional tracking, building the signal and communication infrastructure that is the backbone of the system.


The correct configuration and parameterization of the Home Automation control elements are necessary for the excellent functioning of the system and its long-term operation. When building the systems, we are guided by the latest trends and technologies, using innovative products and system components.

The smart home and home automation

are changing the way of life in today’s world and are becoming more and more popular and affordable. At TouchPoint, we believe we can help you make the right choice.

Together with you, let’s walk the path to the dream home that works for you, and we will help you make your everyday life more peaceful, safer and more comfortable.

We also offer integration of the smart house system with the video surveillance system, with which you can monitor what is happening in or around your home directly from your smartphone or tablet at any time.

All this is no longer a projection of the future, but part of the present.

If you have any questions or need advice about your future home, please do not hesitate to contact us!


The term “Smart Home” refers to the ordinary home in which appliances, lighting and electronic devices are connected to the Internet so that they can be controlled remotely. In this way, the homeowner can benefit from the convenience of handling electrical appliances from work or even while in another city or country. The devices that can be connected are lighting, security systems, cameras, black and white appliances, etc.

First of all, you get security, peace of mind and greater control over what happens in your home. In the second place, comfort and convenience – you won’t wonder if you turned off an appliance before going outside.

Yes, home automation increases the value of your home. Nowadays, everyone wants to get as much comfort as possible and enjoy modern technology. When a house has a smart system implemented, it increases the market price that the owner can get for it.

When it comes to security, the best time is now – nothing compares to the peace of mind you’ll get with a smart home. From a technical point of view, it is a good time when buying a new home or renovating the current one.

Smart home technology is a very good option for business as well. A number of smart devices can be implemented in conference rooms, smart TVs, video surveillance, lighting, security system, etc.

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