"Cloudy" is now the preferred weather.


Cloud services and their application in small and medium-sized companies are a source of much debate and misinformation. The term Cloud is a widely used term these days. But it is often misused, resulting in many companies not knowing not only how, but whether to use it at all.

At Touchpoint, we believe that implementing cloud services can bring significant benefits. The chief one among them is a greater choice and flexibility in IT infrastructure design. However, as with any other technology, the implementation of cloud services should be considered in light of overall business requirements and guidelines.


Our consultants, engineers and salespeople will guide you through the decision-making process to determine if and what sort of cloud technology is right for you.

Touchpoint has a long history in hosting services and pure cloud technologies, and we are ready not only to advise you, but also to offer you the relevant products and services related to the complete cloud migration.

Our years of experience combined with the qualifications of our specialists ensure that we deliver quality systems on time and within budget.

Private cloud

The private cloud service (Private Cloud) is available to a limited group of users - for example, the employees of a certain company. It is isolated from the outside world and serves internal company work processes – accounting or warehouse software, for ERP or CRM system.

Public cloud services

Touchpoint will advise you and give you the most objective recommendations when choosing a public cloud service. The public cloud provides a flexible and economical way to use IT solutions. It includes applications in the fields of customer relationship management (CRM), communications, and more.

Cloud projects

We offer the preparation of cloud infrastructure projects - design, engineering, delivery and implementation of cloud solutions. Touchpoint has successfully completed a number of cloud projects that vary in scale, duration and complexity.


Cloud services provide:

  • greater security of stored information;
  • one resource/hardware is used by many people;
  • easy and secure sharing of information with each other;
  • less cost to your business;
  • easier maintenance.
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