Video production

Enhance your brand image with specialized video production, presenting your business in its best light.

A video that captivates!

Every business needs video sooner or later. There are many reasons – presenting to customers, training employees, advertising, product presentation, etc. A good video “tells” a story that is memorable and leaves a mark in the viewer’s mind. At TouchPoint, we will guide you through the video production process in a way that will achieve your desired sales and marketing goals with ease.

Join us to create your corporate video, animations, interviews, trainings, TV and Internet ads, demo video, etc.


We will prepare a customized video strategy and scenario depending on its purpose – presentational, commercial, marketing, etc. We will offer engaging content that presents the necessary information in an entertaining, stylish and easy-to-understand way.


We will organize and conduct the entire shooting process with the appropriate crew and set, as well as specialized equipment for the purpose.


High-quality processing and editing are key to the results a video can achieve. Using specialized software, we will assemble a unique tape that treads on the latest trends and best practices in video production.


With our video production service, you will benefit from:

  • free consultation;
  • preparation of a project and script, according to the objectives of the video;
  • capturing the individual elements that will make up the video;
  • combining and arranging the footage;
  • synchronizing sound and music;
  • final processing of the files, etc.
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