Building of computer networks

Whether you need to create an entirely new infrastructure, replace an aging network or expand its capacity, you can rely on Touchpoint in any direction!

Building a computer network requires hardware and software. The most basic form of networking involves connecting a series of computers to each other or to a more powerful computer (called a server) over short distances – for example, a single office or a group of offices in the same building. This is known as a Local Area Network or LAN. Network hardware (consisting of network adapters, cables, hubs or switches, and routers) provides the physical connections between computers. Network software provides the communication intelligence that allows your desktop applications, such as word processing files and spreadsheets, to be visible to other users on the network and available as shared resources.

As your business grows, your employees have an increasingly pressing need to share software and hardware resources and optimize workflow. This requires them all to be on a common network.


Before designing a new computer network, our specialists will assess your initial requirements and perform a comprehensive audit of existing systems. This includes the size of your company, current IT setup, number of jobs and more.


Our team will then prepare a technical document with a detailed description and diagrams of the future topology of your computer network. Along with the estimated budget, this document includes a detailed explanation of how your business will benefit from our solutions and optimise your IT environment.


Building the network itself generally consists of structural cabling and configuration of active equipment, LANs, IP addresses, access levels, VPNs, and more.

Our experience:

We have experience in building networks in large corporations, production buildings, hotels, small offices. We have even designed and built a network remotely (outside the country) by pre-configuring the equipment and proper remote setup and maintenance afterwards.

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