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IT audit and IT risk

In the last few years, the demand for information systems auditing services has been increasing.

IT audit

The audit of information resources and their management in the organization is carried out by the TouchPoint audit team which analyzes and evaluates the information system in the company. The audit is planned and conducted to track the presence of:

  • IT strategy – procedures for management and control of IT resources;
  • adequacy of IT resources to the needs of the organization;
  • resource security in the organization among themselves;
  • rules and procedures for work process continuity;
  • rules and procedures for selecting suppliers.
IT risk assessment

Aims to identify potential threats to the IT infrastructure in the organization. Risks are identified and an analysis is made regarding their impact on the organization's work.

Preventive measures

On the basis of this risk assessment, preventive or corrective measures are prepared - strengthening server security, strengthening network security, improving the program code and the way it is stored, training employees, and others.

Policies and Procedures

We perform analysis and, where necessary, prepare IT security policies and procedures to be followed in order to reduce IT threats and counter risks.

Benefits to the organization from IT audit

Thanks to the performed IT audit you:

  • you will know better the current state of your IT infrastructure;
  • you will visualize what the state of this infrastructure should become;
  • you will have clearly defined policies, procedures and measures in place to get you where you want to be IT-wise;
  • you will be one step closer to compliance with good practice and legislative requirements.
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