VOIP from leading manufacturers with warranty and out-of-warranty support.

We offer quality telephone exchanges that will guarantee you trouble-free and cheap communications. Through VOIP technology, you will be connected to the whole world, at an extremely favorable price for you.

We will advise you in choosing the right PBX for you, offer you to buy it from us at a preferential price, and support it afterwards. PBX maintenance can be on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

To have the peace of mind that all your customers will be in touch with you, you can trust our team.

The PBX support that TouchPoint offers is both for equipment purchased and installed by us, and for customers who have contacted us after purchase.


We work in partnership with all PBX suppliers, and before we sell you a PBX, we will make sure to consult you and help you with the choice.


We reprogram, expand, check, replace non-working telephone stations if necessary.


We carry out repair work on telephone exchanges upon request from the client. Servicing can be performed on-site at the customer's office or at TouchPoint's service base.


We offer VOIP PBXs from:

  • Cisco;
  • Grandstream;
  • Akuvox;
  • Bicom Systems;
  • Clarity;
  • ClearOne;
  • CyberData;
  • Jabra;
  • Mitel;
  • Motorola;
  • Netgear.


VoIP uses modern IT technologies, providing high-quality voice communications with the help of the Internet. It is a telephone system that works over the Internet.

VoIP puts a minimal load on your internet. Our team will perform the necessary diagnostics to establish Internet speeds during normal business hours in your office to determine the exact impact of VoIP calls on your Internet connection.

VoIP systems are easy to set up and maintain. These can be helpful when hiring new people to easily add or transfer phone numbers. There are options for conferencing, messaging and other functionalities.

The cost of building a telephone exchange depends on the number of telephone devices that are registered to it. We will offer the most suitable option for the type of VoIP exchange depending on the needs of your business.

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