Subscription or incidental IT computer support at the highest level! Security, peace of mind and reliability for the equipment in your office. We provide constant monitoring of the status of your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers, etc. We offer comprehensive support for your business's IT infrastructure and modern technical solutions.

Why is IT computer support service important to business?

Problems with office equipment occur daily. Subscription service of the IT infrastructure includes the quick and professional solution of problems that may arise both in the operation of equipment and software products. We offer IT services for desktop and laptop computers, tablets, routers, printers, scanners and multifunction devices for various businesses. We build and maintain office computer networks.


Remote access and on-site IT Support

At Touchpoint, we work via the “Remote Access” method, but if necessary, we do not hesitate to visit you on site, regardless of the time required. We work until the technical problem is fully resolved, whether on-site or remotely.

All our customers who use the subscription computer support service benefit from preferential prices when purchasing computers, computer configurations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, as well as any kind of licensed software.

Let’s not forget that subscription computer support is a collection of several IT services that are united in this category.

  • computer prevention;
  • data archive and update of computer devices;
  • software support;
  • hardware support;
  • maintenance of computer networks;
  • server support.


And last but not least, subscription computer support saves a lot of financial means. And we guarantee you excellent quality of IT service in computer support.

No matter if you are a small, medium or large company or a private individual, you can become our client!

Excellent serviceability of IT office equipment with our computer services

Our team of IT specialists approaches the maintenance of computers, servers and computer peripherals with care, correctness and responsibility. High professionalism includes both quick and reliable resolution of software and hardware problems and complete confidentiality regarding data and customer information stored on the devices.


We design, install and maintain server systems. Depending on your business needs, we will advise you on choosing the most suitable server. We build a server RACK (a server cabinet with all the necessary elements for its operation). We will build remote access for easy work of your employees outside the office.


By using our services, you get express help in case of hardware problems. Subscription computer support covers both desktop and notebook computers, as well as computer peripherals from HP, Dell, Acer, Macbook, Lenovo, etc. We offer warranty and out-of-warranty service for your IT equipment. If the client wishes to replace old IT devices, we will make a consultation and prepare an offer for the purchase of new equipment


We maintain and troubleshoot the operating system installed on your device. We update all programs and applications and keep them in good condition. You can count on us for problems with e-mail, anti-virus programs, office suite and much more. We reinstall the software, saving the data from the device.

And more expert IT services


We will design and implement a sustainable computer network for your office. You can count on us for support to keep your employees' work running smoothly.


We will protect your computer network with the latest and most reliable technologies to keep your business safe. We will build a network of different levels of access for different employees, customers, etc.


We perform a full range of computer services according to the needs of the client. If you cannot see what you need among the services listed so far, do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our high IT expertise.

Our workflow for maintaining computer configurations

Depending on your preferences, you can benefit from subscription or incidental computer support from

If you choose subscription computer support

  • We will prepare an offer based on the consultations conducted with a price that meets the needs of the company – number of computers for maintenance and other computer peripherals;
  • Upon customer approval, we will enter into a monthly maintenance contract;
  • You will receive on-site IT support for: – fixing hardware problems;

    – building computer configurations;

    – assembling a server RACK;

    – if there is a need to run new cables;

    – problems with wifi, routers, etc.;

    – construction of video surveillance systems;

    – during diagnostics and comprehensive examination of the internal network, etc.

  • We will always be available for you with remote access if you need to: – solve software problems;

    – bugs during Windows updates;

    – problems with office suite;

    – Backup of storage, servers and shared resources;

    – Computer prevention;

    – Archive and Update of computers and servers;

    – Troubleshooting other user issues with IT devices.

If you need incidental computer support

  • If there is a problem with your computer peripherals, do not hesitate to call our phones to get quick and timely help;
  • You will speak with an IT computer specialist who will determine the nature of the problem and arrange a time to visit your office or access the devices remotely;
  • You will receive quality and reliable computer support, after which you will be able to safely continue your office work.

Subscription computer support

The price of subscription computer support is determined by the services you want to use, the number of computer stations, the availability of servers and other specifics.

In order to offer the best price solution to our customers, subscription support prices are additionally negotiated.

We also offer incident computer support where payment is by the hour. We use software to track the time we are involved with your software or hardware issue. This guarantees us precision in pricing and correct service.

Make an inquiry about IT support and computer services for the office

Get peace of mind and security with our comprehensive computer support service. Contact us to receive detailed information and a personalized offer that meets your company’s needs.


    Every company needs security when it comes to the technical security of the work process. This includes both regular maintenance and software updates, as well as quick response when a problem occurs with a computer, server, printer, router or other technical device.

    The cost of subscription computer support depends mostly on the number of computer devices that will be supported on a monthly basis. An individual offer is prepared that is tailored to the client’s requirements – software updates, help with configuration of e-mails, office packages, computer network support and much more. etc.

    Depending on whether we can assist remotely or need our team to come on site, we respond within 30 minutes and 1 hour. We know that every working hour in which an employee cannot use their computer is a waste of money, which is why we try to react as quickly as possible.

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