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Building automation

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to build a building without it being future-oriented
through an automation and control system.

Innovative technologies allow remote control and programming of all functions in a building – be it a manufacturing, residential or office building.

Building automation is a centralised system for controlling heating, ventilation, lighting, and controlling energy consumption in order to optimise costs.


Hotel Solutions

Security, comfort and convenience are the most important things that customers expect in every hotel. Building an automation system in a modern hotel is becoming more and more necessary and mandatory. We offer the construction of complete solutions for the management of lighting, climate, access control and security for hotels and healing bath and spa complexes.

Public and office buildings

The installation of building automation systems in public and office buildings contributes to reducing maintenance costs, optimizing routine staff activities and improving working and living conditions.


The building automation system design process is the basis for building an integrated process management platform. Our goal is to offer you a complete project from the initial idea to the last technical detail.


When building the systems, we are guided by the latest trends and technologies. We use innovative products and system components.


At this stage, we create scenarios, train clients to work and maintain the system.


Common areas and landscaping

Smart sensors and sensors used to reduce energy consumption in common areas is an economical and practical solution that increases the service life of the building and saves costs.

  • Automatic irrigation system;
  • Sensors and detectors for presence and illumination;
  • Automatic switching on and off of entrance lights.
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