Construction of video surveillance

Designing and building a video surveillance system is an individual process for each individual customer. Therefore, TouchPoint approaches extremely precisely, observing the specific requirements and needs of customers.

It is an indisputable fact that the construction of such systems reduces crime several times, increases labor productivity and the security of monitored objects.

The design of the video surveillance system does not only include the installation of cameras and recording devices. A well-designed and built system requires a good team of designers and technicians to deploy the system’s capabilities. Well-chosen elements of the system will lead to obtaining the optimal price and capabilities.


TouchPoint partners with leading importers of video surveillance systems and their accessories. We offer video recorders, 24/7 surveillance cameras, IP cameras, power supplies, terminals, sockets, cables, accessories and specialized cameras in a wide variety and availability. Our team of specialists and engineers will offer you the best plan for the construction of a video surveillance system and will execute it in a short time and with high quality.

After the warranty period has expired, we can also offer you system support within the working day in order not to deprive you of the benefits of the system.

Консултация и проектиране

Проектираме, инсталираме и поддържаме сървърни системи. В зависимост от нуждите на вашия бизнес, ние ще ви консултираме относно избора на най-подходящия сървър.

Продажба и монтаж

Използвайки нашите услуги, вие получавате експресна помощ при възникнали хардуерни проблеми. Предлагаме гаранционен и извънгаранционен сервиз на Вашето ИТ оборудване.

Поддръжка на системата

Поддържаме в изправност и решаваме проблеми с операционната система, инсталирана на вашето устройство. Обновяваме всички програми и приложения и ги държим в добро състояние.


What do we offer?

  • VCRs;
  • 24/7 surveillance cameras;
  • IP cameras;
  • Power supplies;
  • Terminals, sockets and cables;
  • Accessories.
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