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We have expertise, understand the challenges posed by GDPR and offer adequate solutions for compliance.

Why is privacy important?

Today, the GDPR poses problems brought about by the influence of technology and requires that these problems be solved precisely through the use of technology. The opposite would be illogical and a step backwards from the technological progress we are witnessing.

The GDPR provides guidance and outlines a technological framework that organizations must fit into.

A difficult choice for each of them, however, will be about when, where and what to invest in order to ensure maximum protection of the personal data they process.


And while some have the scale and in-house resources to implement technology and buy software, most companies don’t have dedicated staff experts to consult and optimize technology on their own.

At this point, professional consultants, software providers, IT service companies come to the rescue.

We at Touchpoint can offer just that – GDPR solutions and consulting on the way to full compliance with the regulation.


- establishing the scale of the data processed by you, what is their type;
- outlining a framework for how processing is organized;
- indicating the deviations from the newly introduced processing requirements.


- preparation of forms for consent, for privacy, policies for providing information to data subjects, etc.;
- familiarization with the documentation that must inevitably accompany the processing.


- risk assessment, analysis of the information infrastructure and consultations for its improvement from the point of view of protection, security;
- GDPR compliance of websites and online stores.

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Why trust us?

  • At TouchPoint, we know the regulation, manage IT processes, develop business projects;
  • We monitor all new regulations in the field of information security, cyber security, personal data protection, methods and measures for their implementation, and offer our clients the best and most up-to-date for the moment;
  • We have the necessary knowledge and competences, we understand the challenges posed by the GDPR;
  • We can offer professional and comprehensive solutions for adapting business processes to GDPR requirements.
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