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Email Marketing

We conduct email marketing campaigns aimed at achieving the previously set goals and conversions for the business!

Bet on the power of email marketing!

The TouchPoint team does not underestimate the power of email marketing. As one of the oldest marketing tools, it has proven effective and useful in communicating promotional campaigns both to the audience of regular customers and in targeting potential customers.

Email campaigns will help you achieve various business goals – from generating orders and sales, through maintaining a newsletter for brand recognition and audience engagement, to realizing special offers and discounts. Another key benefit of email communication with customers is that it builds loyalty and trust in your business over time.


We know how to prepare email marketing strategies according to business goals and with attention to every detail. We carefully plan the work process and the implementation of each stage of the campaign.


With the help of specialized automation software, we set up and launch the campaign, tracking precisely how the target audience reacts to the content presented in the email.


We carefully track the results achieved, analyze and optimize the campaign, and we will also prepare detailed reports with clear numerical values for you.


According to the needs of your business we will:

  • conduct a free consultation;
  • offer an email marketing strategy;
  • prepare email content (visual and textual) oriented to the target audience;
  • plan, conduct and optimize the email campaign;
  • we can analyze and report the results, etc.
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