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Data recovery

TouchPoint protects your computer systems and networks—including the information stored on them—not only from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure, but also from damage or destruction.

The information systems in a company must be organized so that in the event of an accident, business continuity is ensured. The need to ensure the good functioning of these systems, as well as their rapid recovery after a disaster, has increased significantly in recent years.

Lost or damaged information leads to difficulties and even suspension of the company’s activity.


To avoid problems with loss, encryption and corruption of databases, file structures and more, it is essential that your devices and IT infrastructure are protected. For this purpose, we at TOUCHPOINT offer you computer support that will save you a lot of trouble, costs and headaches.

Recover access passwords

We recover forgotten passwords for access to networks, websites, computer systems, emails, etc.

Recover damaged files

Everyone has faced this problem: a file essential for our work at the moment turns out to be damaged, unopenable, or unreadable. That's when the TouchPoint team comes to the rescue and will successfully recover damaged files, whether images, text or any other format.

Recovery from HDD and USB storages

After a preliminary diagnosis, we recover data from a damaged device using special tools, equipment and software.


TouchPoint has many years of experience in diagnosing, accessing and recovering data from any type of digital media:

  • corrupted file recovery;
  • recover lost and damaged information and access passwords;
  • recover lost and damaged information on hard drives HDD;
  • recover lost and damaged data on USB flash drives;
  • design of posters, posters and banners;
  • recovery of lost and damaged information due to the presence of viruses;
  • recovery of lost and damaged information caused by human errors, resulted in data loss.
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