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5 reasons why you need a website

Have you wondered if your business needs a website? A study shows that 30% of consumers would not recommend a business if it does not have a corporate website. Additionally, 81% of people research a business or service before making a purchase decision.

If these statistics can’t convince you that you need a business website because you think “it’s expensive”, “I don’t need it” or similar, perhaps with the following arguments we will convince you otherwise.

1. Having a website attracts new customers

Having new users automatically means an increase in sales, i.e. you will have more success in your business. In addition, company websites and online stores are available 24/7 regardless of whether the office is closed and customers can log in and explore your services and products at any time of the day or night.

Being easily discoverable on Google is important. This is an extremely important element to successfully positioning yourself as a business, and it becomes much more difficult if you don’t have a website. Proper optimization (SEO) of the website is also very important.

2. The website is a digital “brochure”

Just as you hand out physical catalogs, brochures and even business cards, you can do the same online. Your website fills this role. From it, users can understand who you are, how you are different, what products and services you offer.

Also, the website builds trust in the eyes of the customers because, as we said above, a very large percentage of people check the website first.</span >


3. Position your business online

With the help of your website, you will be able to reach a wider audience of users and stand out from the competition. And you can also advertise it and reach specific users. For example, you may want your site to be viewed by women aged 20-45, located in the city of Sofia, with an interest in confectionery. For this you need to find the right company or person for website development.

You can trust us to create and your website support and also for SEO optimization, email marketing and digital marketing. It’s all about having a better online presence.


4. Saves you time

The website will save your personal time. Potential customers who are interested in the items you offer will call or contact you via email. And it is even more convenient when products are available to order them directly.

Thus, with an existing website, you can automate various processes with additional plugins and integrations. In this way, you will have time to tackle more important tasks and focus on the development of your business.


5. During a pandemic, it is crucial

Having a website is extremely important in the times we live in. Nowadays people mainly shop online and that would be the only way potential customers would find you. If you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on a lot of them.

If we were able to convince you why you need to have a site and you still don’t have one, contact us. We will help you build your presence in the market by creating a website and positioning you in the online space. We approach each client individually, listening to their needs, and the price is then determined according to the purpose and functionalities of the site. More information can be found HERE!

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