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What is graphic design?

Have you ever wondered what graphic design is? Generally speaking – this is art. This profession is a type of visual communication that combines different images, words and ideas.

The purpose of graphic design is to convey a message. The simpler the created design, the more understandable it is for users. A graphic designer’s job involves using a range of techniques to draw the user’s eye to your desired location. To achieve this, different colors, shapes, fonts and other tricks are used.

Graphic design has several functions and directions that we can summarize in the following categories:

Corporate identity
This is the most common type of graphic design. Corporate identity helps to present the company to the audience. In this way, the brand becomes easily recognizable and it is easier to communicate with potential customers.

And what exactly does corporate identity include? These are a set of different elements that are specific to the brand itself:

  • typography;
  • logo;
  • characters;
  • color palette;
  • character images.


These elements are most often used for printed materials such as business cards, calendars, pens, notebooks and others that serve to present the company to the audience.

Graphic design for marketing and advertising
Graphic design is closely related to marketing and advertising. This direction includes the visualization of advertising campaigns, as the main rule here is to be understandable for the audience that the advertisement will reach.

Good marketing engages its audience based on the wants, needs, awareness and satisfaction of the brand or service it sells. Since visual content attracts attention, graphic design helps advertisers to more successfully promote the brand and achieve advertising goals.

UI Design

UI or User Interface is how a user interacts with an application or smart device. Interface design aims to make the experience easier and more convenient for the user.

User interface includes all elements that can be interacted with – menu, buttons, text boxes, sliders, checkbox search, icons and more. It is important that the UI design is balanced so as not to confuse users. And it is even more important to know the audience in order to present a design that they would easily work with.

Graphic design for advertising (print) materials

Graphic design for promotional materials most often represents the creation of items that communicate with the audience through public distribution. Print design includes brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, flyers, catalogs and more.

This category may also include materials that are distributed commercially. They have traditionally been print media, but at the moment many of them are also being converted into digital content. Examples of such are magazines, weekly/monthly promotional catalogs, newspapers, etc.

Product Design

Product design is all about presenting a product on the web in the best possible way. This type of design most often affects packaging and labeling. The combination of these elements tells the story of the brand in a way that is accessible to customers.

Good product design is a valuable marketing tool for communicating with consumers. It is thanks to it that customers notice the product and are stimulated to buy it.

If you need to create personality and different graphic materials for your brand, do not hesitate to write to us HERE.

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