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Plastchim client

Plasthim-T is a European leader in the production of packaging and as such they realize the importance of visual communication. For this reason, they have trusted us because we specialise in producing high-quality printed materials that attract attention and leave a lasting impression.

In our joint work, we successfully produced a product catalog, flyers, posters and billboards for them.


In the business world, product catalogs continue to be one of the most effective tools for presenting products or services.

Product catalog design plays a key role in the presentation of any company and we at Touchpoint understand this importance. That’s why we strive to create catalogs that not only inform, but also inspire.

For Plasthim-T AD, we have developed a catalog that meets their needs and expectations. In addition to a printed format, we have prepared and developed it so that it is also suitable for distribution in an email environment.

DESIGN of flyers and posters

Combining information with creative design, the flyers and posters we produced provide a clear and attractive message that meets Plasthim’s needs and goals.

and more...image for bus stops and billboards image for bus stops and billboards

Every project that we implemented together with Plasthim is the result of close cooperation and striving for perfectionism. We take care of every detail to ensure that the final product is eye-catching and communicates effectively with the audience.





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