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Foundation "Dokova and Dokov for the future"

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Foundation "Dokova and Dokov for the future"


The “Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation was created as a result of a dream – the dream of a better future and change. They wanted not just a design, but a visual representation that communicated their mission and inspired. It was a challenge we warmly accepted.

After a number of meetings and analyses of the foundation’s goals and needs, we developed printed materials and designs that reflected their spirit and ideals.

Planner design

“Dokova and Dokov for the Future” Foundation wanted not just a planner, but a tool combining practicality and inspiration, which would be of help in the daily life of every member of the team.

For the basis of the design, we took the company colors of the foundation – pastel, warm and pleasant. They add calm and harmony to every page, while reinforcing the foundation’s identity.

The glider covers are made of high-quality coated mukawa, which not only gives an elegant and professional look, but also ensures the durability and longevity of the product.

Between the pages where the daily tasks and scheduled meetings are recorded, we have provided inserts that are designed to provide a dose of inspiration, provoke thought and set the tone for the days ahead.

And that’s how we managed to create a planner that offers style and most of all functionality – spacious schedule boxes and note sections that make organisation and planning easy.

Business card design

When creating the business cards, we focused on a clean and elegant look, again sticking to the foundation’s color palette.

When developing the business card concept, we chose thick paper that we laminated to give the business cards not only style, but also durability. The clean design emphasises the foundation’s professionalism and vision, thus presenting the organisation in an elegant way in business environments and beyond.

and more...t-shirts, pens and flags

Thanks to our hard work and support from the foundation, we were able to produce a number of printed materials that reflect the vision and values of the foundation.

The idea for the t-shirts was not only to put the foundation’s logo, but also to create a design that would spread the foundation’s message and create a sense of cohesion and unity among its members and supporters.

The elegant and functional pens that we have chosen and branded are not just a means of writing, but rather a tool to associate the organization with and thus increase its recognition.

To make the “Dokova and Dokov for the Future Foundation” stand out, we also created flags that would become the perfect highlight of any event and thus help the foundation attract attention and present its cause.







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