New Google Identity Verification Policy

Google brings together all programs to verify the identity of advertisers, which will facilitate their work in advertising. Notifications for this will be sent both in the profile and by email.

It will take 30 days to complete the identity verification requirements and a few steps. These will include identity verification, business services, or both. In the following lines we will present more details:

A new section “All about your business” is added.

With a few basic questions when verifying an advertiser, Google will be able to identify whether the advertiser is a direct or indirect supplier of the products or services advertised in Google Ads.

Each advertiser will have 30 days to submit your answers! If they don’t their profiles will be paused.

Additional verification of business activities, identity, or both may also be required. An additional period of 30 days will be available for this.

Confirmation of business activities.

For the convenience of advertisers, the verification program requirements are exactly the same. Thanks to this, in case any advertiser has failed to comply or fulfill any of the requirements provided, it will not lead to suspension of their account as it was before. This will pause the account, meaning it will remain active, but ads won’t be able to show to the audience until it passes the requirements.

It is important to note that this pause will only continue past the 30th day if advertisers have not complied. In order for ads to run again, advertisers must successfully verify their account by complying with the terms.

Combining the verification of the advertiser’s identity and business activities.

Additional criteria are also in place to protect users and there are several cases where an account can be paused immediately.

Google may require advertisers to undergo additional verification. When this happens, it can affect the performance of campaigns (when advertising certain queries restricted by Google). The additional verification will then help improve the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Criteria to immediately pause the profile:

  • In case of suspected violation of Google Ads policy
  • In case of suspicion of physical or financial harm to users
  • When suspected of trying to bypass the verification process
  • Obscure identity or advertising behavior

Transparency and Disclosure

Confirmations will be required for both identity and business verification. Advertisers will need to submit a legally registered business name or their own name. In addition to this, it will be necessary to provide the program confirmation documents. In this way, Google will display both the name and the location of the advertiser, providing information about the ad.

Because Google is committed to transparency, it will make the information about your Google Ads accounts and advertising campaigns publicly available.

User experience improvements

In addition to launching their confirmations, advertisers will also be able to track their progress. All this will be accompanied by a new interface in the settings tab for “Billing and payments” in Google Ads. It will be received through in-product prompts and notifications.

The new changes will not affect the scope or requirements of other verification programs. It is important to note again that Google will start introducing them from March 31, 2022 and will gradually increase their scope.

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