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Interview with Tsvetelina Metodieva

Today we introduce you closely to our smiling girl whose mission is to make the IT “world” more colorful and impressive! Everyday inspires with creativity, non-standard ideas and design thinking!
She is our favorite graphic designer – Flowers!

Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Tsvetelina Metodieva and I was born in Sofia. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, but then I was fascinated by art and enrolled in “Advertising Design and Pedagogy”, followed by a course in “Graphic Design”. I love to travel and rediscover new inspiring places. I am a fan of tigers and generally representatives of the cat family. I dream of meeting them up close some day!

When I was little I wanted to become…

Like every child, I have had different wishes of what I want to be – first a nurse, then a singer and what not. But over time, I realized that these professions were not my forte and remained just an unrealized childhood dream.

And now I’m…

A grown-up girl, still keeping the child in her. I am a graphic designer by profession and I am very happy to be a part of the great Touchpoint team.

What is your favorite design style?

There is something I like about every design style. My work at Touchpoint is very varied and that’s what I really like. I have the opportunity to work on different projects, each of which requires a different look, approach and design. But perhaps one of my favorites is the minimalist style – clean, stylish and simple.

Where do you most often draw inspiration from?

Inspiration is all around me – the meetings and conversations with friends and relatives, the walk in the mountains and the beautiful views that open before me, the communication with my colleagues and the good results we achieve from our joint work, our satisfied customers and many more things… All this makes me feel really happy, smile
and… inspiration just keeps coming!

If your character had to be described by a design and a color, what would they be?

Abstract design and combination of many colors.
I leave the interpretation up to you!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Time spent with family and friends fills me with a lot of positive energy. Stacking puzzles is one of my hobbies – the more pieces, the more interesting for me! I love the warmth of family holidays, but I also value time to myself.

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