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Interview with Marina Koncharska

At the end of the working week, we meet you again with our team! It’s time for the delicate part of TouchPoint, which turns any web space into a site with an impressive design and convenient functionality! Our talented web designer – Marina Koncharska!

Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Marina Koncharska from Pernik. I am a teacher by education, but over time I decided that I wanted to develop in another direction. I enrolled in a specialized course and am currently working in the field of web programming.

When I was little I wanted to become…

Like every little girl, I wanted to be a princess, then a vet – born out of my love for animals.

And now I am…

I have recently become part of the amazing team at Touchpoint, which I am very happy about. I love my job, it inspires me every day. On a personal level, I have a wonderful family that supports me in all my endeavors!

How did you discover your passion for technology?

I have always enjoyed spending time in front of the computer. At one point, I showed a great interest in working with graphics programs, I became more and more interested in creating websites, and so I decided that I wanted to develop and work in this field.

Describe us your hobby.

My family and I love to travel, rediscover new places, get to know new cultures and people. Walking in nature also gives me a positive boost. Photography and especially landscape photography is another great passion and hobby of mine.

What does the perfect web design look like to you?

Clean and elegant no-frills design, professionally crafted, easy to navigate, customizable and unique to grab and hold users’ attention.

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