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Interview with Кristian Milchev

Last Friday before Christmas!
Time to meet you again with our team! Today it’s the turn of the boy with whom we are never bored in the office and working with him is a song! Our junior web programmer – Christian Milchev!

Introduce yourself in a few words.

My name is Christian, 22 years old from Sofia. I am currently studying at the University of Library Science and Information Technology majoring in Computer Science. I’ve been working at TouchPoint as a web developer for a year and I’m glad that I can practice my knowledge and develop here.

When I was little I wanted to become…

Cosmonaut! Like most little boys I dreamed of flying in space!

And now I’m…

sitting in the comfortable soft chair and creating sites! I am developing as a web developer and I accept every challenge with a smile!

How did you discover your passion for technology?

It all happened by accident, 2-3 years ago when I was graduating from high school. I became interested in creating sites myself, watching video tutorials and a little less entered the world of the web space. I was able to enroll in a specialized course and learn the ins and outs.

Describe us your hobby.

I’m handy and love to tinker or fix things with my tools in my spare time! My latest “work” is a wooden lamp.

In times of pandemic, virtual tours are now often offered. Tell us what is your dream destination?

I always wanted to visit Cuba! Exoticism, mood, beautiful beaches, colorful streets and breathtaking views! Ibiza is also my dream destination which has always attracted me with its dynamic nightlife, music parties and warm sunny days!

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