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Interview with Ana Tineva

Today we are launching our new column!
Every Friday we’ll have a #blitz chat with one of the TouchPoint team members! We start with the gentle half, the professional woman, charming and always smiling – Ana Tineva!

Introduce yourself in a few words.

I am Ana Tineva – part of the TouchPoint team. As a person, I am organized, responsible, positive. One of the things I can’t part with is a smile. Demanding and at times critical (mostly of herself). I like to make plans and then carry them out. Step by Step. I am consistent and convinced that behind every success lies a lot of work.

When I was little I wanted to become…

According to my parents: “first a bride, then a mother and finally a doctor”. In high school I dreamed of becoming a journalist. My unfulfilled dream is to anchor a central newscast. I have fulfilled the first two of my childhood wishes. I graduated in law, but I never wanted to practice the profession. Now I adore my job, perhaps precisely because it is difficult to define just one position that I perform.

And now I’m…

At the same time, I am a legal consultant, HR, Web Project Manager, I correspond and negotiate with clients, I give consultations in the field of personal data protection, I perform QA on every web or design project that comes out of the TouchPoint team. Most often I am the mediator and balancer between the wishes of the clients and their realization by the team. All this gives me the variety, scale and breadth of activities that I have always dreamed of.

I define my work at TouchPoint as…

Part of the balance in my life. My work and the development of the company complement my personal life, bring me full satisfaction, new aspirations and a desire to develop. TouchPoint is one of the incentives that drives me forward.

List some of your favorite projects you’ve come across at TouchPoint.

Each project is interesting and in each project we put effort, diligence and respect for the wishes of the customers. The most interesting are the projects that represent a big challenge for me and the team. These are the kind of projects we have never come across that we are doing for the first time. When the road you have to walk is steep and unfamiliar, reaching the end brings great satisfaction.
But the most beloved project in the company will always remain the TouchPoint itself. TouchPoint is the joint work of me and my partner in life – from the choice of name to the overall concept, vision, team. A project on which we work daily and put all our love, knowledge and skills.

Make a heartfelt wish to the TouchPoint team.

I wish them, growing professionally, not to lose the passion and love for what they do. Let them dream boldly!
I wish them personal happiness, love, health, children, travels… To achieve balance in life!
And I hope TouchPoint is part of that balance.

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