Google Universal Analytics goes down in history

The Google Analytics Tool is one of the most powerful and most used tools from marketers, programmers, seo specialists and others. It provides valuable and reliable information about website development.

Google Analytics over the years

The development of this tool dates back to 1998, and in 2005 the first generation of Urchin from Google was officially launched. Over the years, the specialists of the technological giant did not stop improving the tool, and in 2007 the second generation of Classic Google Analytics was released, in 2012 – the third generation of Universal Analytics, and in October 2020 – the fourth generation, called Google Analytics 4. 

Universal Analytics will be discontinued

Since the release of the latest version 4, Google has been giving its users options to choose whether to work with it or use the previous version they are used to – Universal Analytics. However, on March 16 of this year an official announcement was published that the Universal Analytics service will be retired effective July 1, 2023.

How will this affect users' performance?

With the final discontinuation of Universal Analytics, users should be aware that if they do not switch to Google Analytics 4, this will not happen automatically in the middle of next year. Each user must make the change manually to save their work and collected website history for the future.

After 1.06.2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing data for new visits, and within at least 6 months there will be an option to transfer the saved history to Analytics 4. It is to be further announced by which date this option will be possible.

How to migrate to Google Analytics 4

If you are not sure which version of the platform you are currently using, you can check using the instructions from Google at the following link.

If your version is Universal Analytics, you can easily upgrade to the newer version by following these steps:

1. Log in to your profile on the platform;

2. From the “Administrator” section in the menu on the left, go to the “Property” menu.

3. Click on “GA4 Setup Assistant”. You will see the following window:

Google analytics 4
4. From the “I want to create a new property in Google Analytics 4” menu, click the “Get started” button. An additional window will open, on which you need to press the “Create property” button.

Once you go through these quick steps, your property will be upgraded to the new version and you can rest assured that your accumulated website history will be preserved.

Source: Google Support

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