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Google Ads has announced the launch of a new "Experiments" page that will make it easier to test campaign changes

Google Ads launches updated ‘Experiments’ page. In the new Experiments pages, advertisers no longer need to create a separate campaign draft and changes are automatically synced with the experiment.


What are “Experiments”

Google Ads offers experiments that can help you understand the impact of ad changes and improve campaign performance. To make testing even easier, they introduce the Experiments page in Google Ads, which can help you create, manage and optimize your experiments in one place.


Create and manage Experiments

When setting up an experiment, you specify how long you’d like it to run and how much of the traffic and budget of the initial campaign you’d like to use.</span >


While your experiment is active, you can monitor performance on the new Experiments page. If you’re happy with the results, you can apply these changes to your original campaign with one click. For example, if you’re creating a custom experiment to test a new bidding strategy. After running the experiment for a few weeks, you can see that this test has improved the performance of your campaign.


With the “Experiments” changes, you can choose to apply the tested bidding strategy to your main campaign. This will help you avoid any problems with typing of the changes and you can easily see the expected increase in the results of the experiment.



To make running experiments easier, Google is introducing a new way to sync experiments with their respective campaigns.


Previously, keeping experiments up-to-date required manually copying changes from the original campaigns. This is both difficult and time-consuming—especially if you’re running multiple experiments at once.


With the new update, experiments will automatically update the changes you make to the original campaigns. For example, let’s say you add a new keyword to a campaign while you’re running an experiment on it. With sync enabled, this keyword will also be automatically added to your experimental campaign. Note that synchronization is turned on by default when you create a new experiment.

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