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The AI ​​web design tools you need to know

How is AI changing the game?

In the world of digital marketing and web design, technology moves at the speed of light. It is necessary to be on the crest of the wave to provide the most effective solutions on time.

We believe that a successful website is more than just an attractive look – it is a powerful tool that attracts, engages and converts visitors into loyal customers.

In this article, we’ll look at how AI complements web design and content management. We’ll show you concrete examples of how you can take advantage of these innovations to improve your business results.

AI Engine

One of the leading WordPress plugins that integrates AI services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Azure directly into your website. Creating blog posts, product descriptions and even images is quick and easy. This tool also works in Bulgarian, which makes it extremely accessible for businesses here.

Example: AI Engine can be used by marketing agencies to generate SEO-optimized content. AI can create articles, enhance existing texts and generate visuals.

Rank Math SEO

It makes it easy to track SEO metrics and includes the Content AI feature that offers recommendations for words, links, and titles. This greatly improves your Google search engine optimization results.

Example: An e-commerce site can use Rank Math SEO to optimize product pages. Content AI suggests keywords and meta descriptions that increase search engine visibility and organic traffic.


An innovative customer service solution featuring AI chatbots. Its LYRO chatbot provides 24/7 support and automated processes.

Example: A small online store can use Tidio to manage customer inquiries. LYRO answers frequently asked questions, helps create orders and directs customers to relevant products, improving their user experience.


Converts texts to speech, supporting over 275 voices and 45 languages, including Bulgarian. This makes the content more accessible for people with disabilities or those who prefer this way of perception.

Example: An educational site can use Voicer to create audio versions of its articles and lessons.

Formidable Forms

Offers AI templates for creating forms, surveys and calculators on websites where needed. The goal is to save the user time and improve their experience on your site.

Example: An online service can use Formidable Forms for custom request forms and pricing calculators.


It speeds up the content creation process and offers SEO evaluations and optimizations, also working in Bulgarian.

Example: A marketing agency can use GetGenie to generate blog posts and marketing materials, improving campaign effectiveness.

Link Whisper

Facilitates internal linking across sites by offering automatically generated internal links.

Example: A blogger can use Link Whisper to improve internal linking and SEO optimization of the site.


Offers over 50 templates for creating marketing texts and SEO optimization, including in Bulgarian.

Example: An online store can use Jasper to generate product descriptions and advertising campaigns.


Automatically writes SEO optimized articles based on competitors which helps in better search engine rankings.

Example: An e-commerce site can use Frase to create product descriptions and blog posts.

AI supports web design and content management by providing powerful tools for automation, content generation, and user experience optimization. With these innovations, the future of web design looks promising, providing more and more opportunities for businesses to upgrade and become more efficient.

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