Лого - Тъчпоинт


Not every house is a home, but every house can be a smart home.

Turn your house into HOME, we will make it a SMART HOME.

TouchPoint offers affordable solutions for deploying intelligent control system for managing electronic and electrical devices and home lighting. We now have the ability to control and manage through our smartphones or tablets:
  • Home lighting (switch it on/off, dimming, changing light colors etc);
  • Blinds, doors, dormers (central locking and security);
  • Ventilation, heating, cooling;
  • Video and musical presence.
  • Security system;
  • CCTV
  • Garage doors, barriers, etc.;
One of the biggest advantages of building smart home control system is the ability to design certain scenarios: Good morning scenario (wake-up alarm, blinds lifting, switch on heating / cooling, etc.), Empty House Scenario (switch off lighting, heating, electrical devices, security alarm activation), Evening Scenario, Good Night Scenario, Simulating presence Scenario (in case you are not at home for a long period of time; for protection against theft).

TouchPoint also offers a smart home system implementation with CCTV system, which allows you to keep an eye on what's happening in or around your home directly from your smartphone or tablet.
All this is no longer a projection of the future, but a part of the present.