Лого - Тъчпоинт

TouchPoint designs and builds local computer networks for our customers. This includes:

  • Design of computer networks (preparation of projects, without their implementation)
  • Building of computer networks (on our or your project)
  • Network cabling;
  • Configuring LAN, IP addresses, access levels, network services, VPN, etc.;
  • Full configuration of wireless access point devices:
  • Network services, encryption, access levels, shaping, etc.;
  • Installing additional antennas to increase the range and quality of the network.

Whether you need to build a new infrastructure, replace an old one or expand its capacity, you can rely on TouchPoint! Do not hesitate to contact us also If you need computer maintenance.

Hardware and software are required to build a computer network. The most basic form of networking involves connecting a series of computers to one another or a more powerful computer (called a server) over short distances, for example, a single office or group of offices in the same building. This is known as Local Area Network or LAN. Network hardware (includes network adapters, cables, hubs, or switches and routers) provides for physical connections between computers. The Network Software provides the intelligence of communication that lets your desktop applications, such as word processing files and spreadsheets, be visible to other network users and accessed as shared resources.

With business growth, your employees are increasingly in need of sharing software and hardware resources and optimizing the workflow.
Computer network solutions - backup and data recovery
The availability of a properly built computer network is essential and gives you a wonderful solution for archiving and recovering data in case of accidental loss, damage or malicious attacks.
When designing a new computer network, our specialists will appreciate your initial requirements and perform a comprehensive audit of existing systems. This includes how big is your company, the current IT settings, the number of work places, and other factors that need to be considered, such as remote employees, connections to other offices, and so on.
Then our team will prepare a technical document with detailed description and schematics of the future topology of your computer network. Along with the estimated budget, this document also includes a detailed explanation of how your business will benefit from our solutions and optimize the IT environment.

We also offer Cloud Devices and services with the highest level of security that will protect your information.

After installation, we provide ongoing support with a contract.