ИТ одитиране, оценка на ИТ риск


With regard to the processing of personal data, we from TouchPoint bring together the efforts and competencies of our employees and partners in the field of law, information technology and business process management to help successfully bring our customers business in line with the new rules.

The GDPR provides guidance and outlines a technological framework in which organizations need to fit. A difficult choice for each company will be when, where and what to invest to provide high level of protection of processing personal data.

While some companies have resources to implement technology and buy software, most companies do not have experts, who can consult and optimize the technologies on their own.

In this case, here are the professional consultants, software vendors, IT services companies.

We from TouchPoint can offer such services - expert knowledge, understanding of GDPR requirements and challenges and providing an appropriate solutions.

Today, the General Data Protection Regulation ARC / GDPR creates problems that need to be solved due to the impact of technology. The business is expected to ity to resolve them by using technology. Using other resources, would be illogical and a step back from the technological progress today.

Regarding the new legal requirements, we rely on our knowledge, professional experience and mostly to our desire to develop ourselves and keep learning every day to help YOU - our customers!

We strive to monitor all new regulations in the fields of information security, cyber security, personal data protection, and the methods for their implementation. We offer our customers the best and the most up-to-date.

What we can offer is:

Consultation, analysis and evaluation of the current personal data processing

  • Understanding the current personal data processing and the business processes where personal data processing is available
  • Checking the data you process, what type of information is - is it a special or sensitive data, how the processing is organized, the participation of other people - administrators, processors, third parties and what are the deviations from the requirements
  • Consultation and tracking of good practices in your company
  • Assistance in handling inquiries, related to the processing of their personal data and their rights.
2. Documents preparation and development of procedures for processing activities

Preparеing forms of consent, privacy, privacy policy, instructions for the process, policy for providing information to data subjects and assisting in the exercise of their rights, information security policies, infringement procedures data security, regulating relations with a processor or an administrator.

Proof of accountability by timely documentation and control of processing.

Technological measures

  • Risk Assessment, Information Infrastructure Analysis and Consultation for its Improvement from a Personal Data Protection Point of View
  • Penetration tests, DoS and DDoS protection
  • Align GDPR with websites and online shops
  • Building a secure environment
  • Encryption software

We guarantee that each project will receive the necessary attention, quality and personal attitude. We are constantly communicating with our clients, discussing their problems and our ideas in order to be satisfied with our work. It is important for us that our customers know that they will receive the best service with the best price-quality ratio.